Using Trade Execution to Dominate the Market 

What exactly is Trade Execution? Trade execution is when an order is meted out to a buyer or seller. Before a trade can be closed, an investor who trades via a brokerage account would place a purchase or sell order, this then gets transmitted to a dealer. Once the trade has been executed (by you or your broker) then you would receive a confirmation from your broker as to the successful execution of your order, view low touch executions. This confirmation is often sent by a software program that notifies you via SMS (text message) or email.

Why is it important to have a reliable source for trade execution? Simply put, the execution of all market orders is crucial to making a profit. Many retail traders fail to realize just how much of their trading capital is in market orders and end up losing money rather than multiplying it. Without market orders, traders will be forced to rely on guesswork and emotions which can lead to bad decisions that may end up costing them money instead of bringing in profits.

How do I know if my trade has been executed? Once an investor receives a confirmation from their broker that their trade has been successfully executed, they will notice a change in their charts. Indicators such as Support and Resistance will become more pronounced as your trade enters the market. Another indicator to look for is the SMA or Simple Moving Average and once a trend is formed, it will continue to move up or down depending on the direction taken by the market. Once an investor sees this they can determine if it is a good time to sell or buy and make the appropriate move accordingly.

Is it free to trade using automated software programs like Forex Killer and FAP Turbo? Yes, absolutely! Most brokers offer at least one free software product for investors to use. These programs, often called "robot" tools, allow the investor to trade without ever having to talk to a real person. Many investors have had their accounts shut down because they were using "robot" tools that ran on autopilot and did not have human interaction.

Are there limits to how much money I can make with these robots? Yes, there are! First, these automated trading programs work best when you are only trading small amounts of money. Therefore, while they will place numerous trades each day, you can expect your profits to come slowly over time, also view trade execution services. You should also keep in mind that as your bank account grows, so will the number of orders placed. So, it is best to stick with placing one or two trades each day for the best results.

What about market orders? If you are a beginner or new to the world of Forex Trading, then you should limit your trading to no more than five trades each day. Always listen to the market and place only market orders when the price is high. Always trade with a good broker because they are the ones who will execute your orders most efficiently. With the information you gain from these courses, you will find yourself becoming quite proficient at recognizing trends and spotting opportunities. Read more at

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